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Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMOCA)

Boulder, CO - 2016
Colorado Biennial Installation, Museum of Contemporary Art

Denver, CO - 2000

Glazed stoneware, painted plaster island, 84" L x 96" W x 140" H 
Green Mine, Cibachrome photograph, 40" L x 30" W
Bomb, Cibachrome photograph, 40" L x 30" W
Vacancy, Helium sign with motion detector, 20" L x 4" H

I have always recognized the potential for my works to set a stage upon which memories, myths, nostalgia, and imagination can play. As the scale of my work changed from hand-held objects to spaces one can physically enter I examine notions of the monumental.

Mirage, the first of such installations, was comprised of an oasis of ceramic palm trees, succulents, and a painted plaster island, and exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver in October 2000. To activate an element of theatricality, for the opening I commissioned a palm reader (Ruth Eure) seated in the installation to read visitors' palms, thereby highlighting the oasis as a projection of desires onto an illusory place in the distance. In 2016, for BMoCA, I produced a second photographic image of the Green Mine, called Bomb, which shows the front of a giant firework called Oasis, along with the reconstructed island, and curated another palm reading during the opening night of the exhibition.

Driving my recent work is an interest in creating reflexive landscapes, constructions
that refer to their own construction. I am interested in how constructed settings enable, and perhaps limit, what can happen within their bounds. My interest is in creating a space akin to a stage set, where suspended disbelief enables the viewer to be transported to a place of reverie. 

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