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Salad Plate Series 
Color Lithograph, 9" H x 11" L 
Printed By Shark Ink.
Rule Gallery - Denver, CO

In 2004, I was commissioned by the CU Art Museum to collaborate with Bud Shark of Shark's Ink. to produce four color lithographs. These prints are called the "Salad Plate Series" and are inspired by the wall medallions I produced in 2000 for the Holding Patterns show. The prints depict an image of a plate from above on a damask tablecloth. The "salads" are made of distinct body parts multiplied like leaves. They are titled individually: Spun, Mixed, Tossed, and Green. 


Born Hotel Series 
Denver, CO 


Nightwatch, 2015
The Garden Party
Belger Art Center, Kansas City, MO

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